The Best Hosting for WordPress

These are the best web hosting service for WordPress in 2019.

These days, when the world is moving more and more towards its digital version, everyone who has a need to express themselves can do it easily by creating their own website. It can be anything from a simple blog to a complex business — the online hosting services are rather easy to hire and create your own corner of the internet.

However, the ease of creating and managing a website comes in large part thanks to popular content management systems (CMS), with WordPress being the best one. It is simple to use, and understand, you can learn how to use its features quickly, and before you know it — you will have a fully operational website of your own.

But, before you can do that, you need to choose the best hosting service — one that will be cost-efficient, rich with features, good in terms of security, and more. To help you find the best one, we have come up with some of the best hosting services around. They are affordable, with numerous features, and easy to use. Best of all — you can use WordPress every single one of them, which will make the process of creating your own site a lot faster and simpler.

1. HostGator

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HostGator is an excellent hosting service for any type of website, and particularly for businesses. It is packed with features, with a high-quality cloud, virtual private server, as well as dedicated server packages. However, what really makes it stand out are the shared hosting plans, which are extremely robust.

For those who might not know, shared hosting is when a single server manages multiple websites. In these situations, websites share the resources of the server. While this can be seen as a bad thing, as one extremely popular site might start using more resources than other websites, it is a very good and cheap way of maintaining your own website.

Apart from shared hosting, you can also opt for VPS web hosting, Cloud web hosting, dedicated hosting, and, of course, WordPress, which lets you install it on any server with three tiers — Starter, Standard, and Business. However, you can easily use WordPress on HostGator even if you choose another route.

  • Numerous hosting plans, rich with features

  • Shared hosting offering is extremely cheap and practical

  • Great choice for new website builders

  • Great customer service

  • Excellent uptime

  • Lack of Windows-based VPS hosting

Excellent hosting service for any type of website

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2. A2 Hosting

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Next, we have A2 web hosting service, which is another excellent choice that will prove quite quickly that it is worthy of your attention and money. It features numerous excellent packages, its uptime is excellent, and its customer service is extremely helpful.

When it comes to A2’s shared hosting, you can actually create and launch a website without a large amount of money, meaning that this is a great way to start your site and gather experience. The service offers three tiers of Windows and Linux-based shared web hosting, including Lite, Swift, and Turbo, where Light is the cheapest one with the price of $7.99 per month.

Apart from shared hosting, A2 also offers VPS hosting, dedicated web hosting, and cloud web hosting. Of course, it includes WordPress hosting as well, with three Linux-based plans, which are identical to the ones mentioned earlier, including the pricing. You get unlimited storage and monthly data transfers, and you will be able to find your way around within minutes.

  • Multiple feature-packed hosting plans

  • Robust packages, especially WordPress

  • Great customer service

  • A good money-back plan

  • Excellent uptime

  • A bit more expensive

  • A number of plans do not have a Windows server option

3. Hostwinds

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Hostwinds is a very powerful and very flexible web hosting service that should definitely be considered. It offers multiple PVS, shared, dedicated, cloud, reseller, and of course, WordPress hosting packages. It is suitable for small and big businesses, and it is among the best hosting services around.

Now, when it comes to WordPress hosting, you can install it on regular Hostwinds servers, or you can choose WordPress-optimized servers, with the cheapest plan being only $4.99 per month for a single domain. You will also get unlimited monthly data transfers and storage. On the other hand, its ultimate plan adds unlimited domains, but it will cost more, around $8.99 on a monthly basis.

However, there is a small issue with it, which is the fact that not all of its plans have Windows server option. Other than that, this is an excellent service with great uptime, excellent hosting plans, and a very helpful, polite, and knowledgeable customer service which is always ready to help you solve pretty much any problem you might encounter.

  • Great uptime

  • Multiple hosting plans

  • Excellent customer service

  • Minecraft server hosting

  • Not all of its plans offer Windows server option

4. Liquid

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When it comes to Liquid, it is one of the largest brands out there. The company offers dedicated, VPS, cloud, reseller, and WordPress server packages. Not only that, but it is strong and flexible enough to power some of the most popular and well-known sites around the world, including Porsche, National Geographics, Home Depot, and more. As such, it is not surprising that this is a bit more expensive option, but it provides a managed, enterprise-class service. It should also be mentioned that this is not a good choice for those looking for shared hosting, as it is simply not offered.

As for WordPress hosting, the price is quite high, with three tiers of managed hosting that starts at $119 per month. In return, you get 5TB of monthly data transfers, 100GB solid-state drive, as well as 10 domains. Using it is simple enough, and you can manage most things with one-click installs, access to numerous apps and plug-ins, and automatic updates.

Another great thing about it is that you do not have to install WordPress — it is already there. As soon as you log into WordPress, you can start creating pages, posts, galleries, and anything else that you might want or need. It will certainly get the job done, although it does come at a high price.

  • Multiple host plans and options

  • Pre-installed WordPress

  • Excellent customer service

  • Great uptime

  • Packed with features

  • Very expensive

  • No shared hosting plans

5. 1&1 Ionos

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Budget choice 2020

Finally, there is 1&1 Ionos — a hosting service rich with features, affordable options, with numerous packages, which include shared, VPS, cloud, WordPress, and dedicated hosting. While 1&1 Ionos mostly excels in cloud web hosting, its WordPress hosting is not far behind, and we can highly recommend this service.

You have two options when it comes to getting WordPress set up on 1&1 Ionos — you can install it on a standard server, or use Managed WordPress. 1&1 Ionos offers three WordPress packages, all of which are Linux-based. You can choose Essential which will cost you $9 per month, Business which costs $11 per month, or Pro, with a price of $15 per month.

All of the plans are greatly managed, but they offer different amounts of storage, email accounts, domains, and alike. For example, Essential will provide you with 25GB of SSD storage, one domain, one free URL, and ten email accounts. Business, on the other hand, has 100GB of SSD storage, 100 email accounts, and you can host two WordPress projects at the same time. Then, there is Pro, which is the most expensive package with 200GB storage, 500 accounts, and no limit to the number of WordPress projects. You will get automatic malware detection, as well as removal, no matter which plans you choose, and they will all update WordPress automatically.

  • Very affordable

  • Great customer service

  • Multiple types of hosting

  • 3 WordPress hosting plans

  • Easy to use

  • No reseller hosting plans

  • Cheaper plans have poor storage options


Whether you are looking to start an online business or just create your own little blog on the web — you should definitely use WordPress as your CSM. However, it is equally as important to choose the best hosting service, which will offer multiple options, great types of hosting, but also affordable prices. Hopefully, you will find a service that will suit your needs on this list, and as soon as you do, your website will be only a few short steps away.

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