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Why write for Tekcompare.com

Tekcompare.com helps users navigate the jungle of software and technology products that are essential to have, but difficult to choose. Our editors review software and products and give their unfiltered opinion.

Tekcompare.com readers are privacy and security-minded and are looking for solutions that easily fit into their technology and their lives.

We’re looking for technology-focused writers who are familiar with VPNs, security software, and upcoming technological trends to contribute unique and content that provides valuable knowledge and insight to our readers.

What we are looking for

  • Software Walkthroughs
  • Practical Tips for Travelers Concerned about Security
  • Case Studies
  • Technology Explanations
  • Best uses for VPNs and Security Software

Rules for writing

  • Content should be original and not plagiarized from any other source.
  • Content should be objective, or if an editorial, clearly stated as such.
  • Content should be focused to the Tekcompare audience.
  • Content should not include affiliate links of any kind.
  • Content should be 2000+ words
  • Any images included in the content must be copyright free.
  • Appropriately link to your own blog within the content, include links to content already on tekcompare.

How to submit your ideas

Email your pitch to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Article Ideas for Tekcompare”. Please include 3-5 topics that you’d be comfortable writing an article on and why you’re the best writer to do it.

If you’ve already drafted your article, please link to a Google document or attach a Microsoft Word document, and don’t forget to include any images you’d like to be used. Please note that .ZIP files will not be accepted.

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