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  • Else B.

    Else is a digital privacy expert and have been in the VPN and Antivirus space for 7 years. She is the Head of content and manages all the administrative tasks of running the site.


  • Andrea A.

    Andrea is our expert in outreach and communication. Andrea makes everything happen – and is always busy making the most out of any challenge put before her.


  • Joel T.

    Joel is an online privacy advocate, writer, and editor with a special interest in cybersecurity and internet freedom. He likes helping readers tackle tricky tech and internet issues, as well as maximize the boundless power of the internet.


  • Wilfred T.

    Will is a tech writer and editor with a special interest in cyber security. He has been helping readers stay up to date with the latest developments in the niche and is always seeking out the best products and services on the web.


  • Ali R.

    Ali is an experienced editor and have been writing tech articles for several large websites for many years. Ali uses his vast knowledge and great writing skills to write easy-to-understand technical reviews.