The Best Backup Software

Always make safe, regular backups with these great options!

After computers emerged a few decades ago, they spread around the world like a wildfire. These days, pretty much everyone has at least one in their home, and we tend to use it on a regular basis. But, while computers were once used for solving problems and simply accessing information, their role in our lives has evolved together with the technology that they use.

These days, we use them for everything, including work, socializing with distant friends and relatives, entertainment, exploration, shopping, and more. As such, our computers have loads of information which is important for us, whether it is a big project for your work, photos from your family vacation, your games, e-books, or anything else you may have stored on it.

However, while you may be certain not to lose or damage your computer, accidents do happen. Even worse, your hardware might malfunction, and all of your data can be irretrievably lost. You can prevent this by simply backing it up and storing it in a safe place, thus ensuring that your important information will be secure even if your device happens to fail.

However, a lot of people are not doing it, whether because they don’t know how to do it, or because they don’t think that they need to. Some may be avoiding it because they don’t have the time, or they simply cannot be bothered. No matter why you didn’t do it, you might regret it if your system fails, and takes all of your memories, work, and entertainment with you. There is no excuse not to do it if there is an easy, safe, and fast way to do it, and today, we can give you the means by introducing you to a little thing called backup software.

1. ShadowProtect Desktop

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Editors’ choice 2020

ShadowProtect Desktop is one of the best backup software on the market, and it can provide you and your data with full protection, reliability, and speed. Its functions are focused on creating and using disk images-files, which contain a snapshot of an entire partition on your disk.

In case of a disk failure, you can use it to restore the entire system at once, or use it as a real disk and simply open it in a window on your desktop, and copy individual files.

It features numerous advanced options which are perfect for saving your data in a secure way. However, it should be mentioned that it cannot be used for only backing up a few folders or files. It is also not to be used with cloud storage for backing up your data. In fact, it does not have an online backup option at all. It is the whole drive or nothing. Another thing that you should be aware of is that this is a premium option and a rather expensive one as well. You can obtain it for $99.95.

It is a great solution for those who are suspicious of free software, but it is a pricy solution for professionals, so think carefully before you commit to it.

  • Fast image-style backups of disk partitions

  • You can even backup the entire disk

  • Highly reliable

  • Many advanced options

  • Easy to use

  • Powerful, hardware-independent restore features

  • Does not explain advanced features

  • Dated interface

  • Very expensive

Powerful Hardware

Highly reliable back up software

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2. NovaBackup PC

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If the previous option was way too expensive for you, this one might suit your needs better. NovaBackup PC is a great software for local backups, and it only costs $49.95.

It can create copies of your files on local media devices, which can come in handy if something gets deleted, or in situations where your PC gets infected with malware. You should also consider using multiple devices to store the same backups, just in case.

NovaBackup PC can help with all of your backup needs, offer great security, as well as many customization options. It is also easy to set up, although for some reason it requires a name and a working email address. However, this does not create an account. Other than that, the installation is done within 10 minutes, and the software is rather lightweight, at only 247MB.

Like the majority of other local backup software, this one will also require that you configure individual backups. There is no limit on the backup job, and it can back up pretty much anything, including full disk images, system files, network drivers, and more.

  • Great security

  • Very fast

  • Highly customizable

  • No limits on backups

  • Can create entire disk images

  • Outdated interface

  • Requires annual subscription

  • Does not work on Mac

  • No File Explorer integration

3. Genie Timeline Home

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Next, we have Genie Timeline Home, which is another premium backup software, but this one can be obtained for only $39.95, which is the cheapest option yet on this list. It offers more features than some other backups, including automatic purging, which can be used to save disk space. There is also File Explorer integration, so you can easily add more to the backup, and there is also a protection-level indicator.

The software is rather easy to configure, although it might lack some features found elsewhere. Its interface is also extremely simple and very user-friendly, and it also offers Disaster Recovery feature, in case you delete something by accident. It provides you with a great amount of control, and it also lets you pause the backup. You can even choose to restore the entire backup, which is a great option in emergencies. Other than that, it allows you to enable Auto Purge, but it also has File Retention settings and more.

  • Clear interface

  • Easy to set up backups

  • Free trial

  • File versions saved

  • Simple to use

  • Auto-purges old versions of files

  • Saves disk space

  • No encrypted backup

  • Disaster recovery activated a security warning

4. EaseUS Todo Backup

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Budget choice 2020

If you are worried about having to pay large amounts of money for a backup software — don’t worry. There are plenty of free backup programs and apps for you to use, and EaseUS Todo Backup is one of them. This software can back up individual files or entire folders, both to and from a local drive, or even a network folder. Another thing that makes it stand out is its ability to save backups to a free cloud storage service.

However, that doesn’t mean that EaseUS Todo Backup only works with small backups. On the contrary, this software can back up entire disks, partitions, or your system drive. However, backups are not readable from File Explorer, meaning that you must use EaseUS Todo Backup for viewing your data as well. However, this is also very easy to do, and it will even look like you are using your Windows Explorer, which is a great feature.

It will also allow you to see an entire timeline of backups, which makes it easier to choose a particular time to restore files from. Also, you can restore individual files, whole folders, or even entire disks, it truly gives you numerous choices and full control.

  • Gives you multiple choices during backup or restoration

  • Easy to use

  • Completely free

  • It is easy to find specific files

  • Customizable

  • Cannot enable file exclusions

  • Cannot sign up for email notifications

  • No support for event-based backups

5. AOMEI Backupper Standard

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Finally, there is AOMEI Backupper Standard — another free backup software which supports four backup types: disk backup, system backup, file/folder backup, and partition backup. With it, you should be set for any situation, as it also allows cloning of partitions or even entire disks to another drive.

It works with all data, no matter the type, and it keeps it all in a single file which can then be saved to either local or external drives, or even as a shared network folder.

You can also encrypt your backups with a password, and set a compression level. After backups are completed, you will receive an email notification. Another useful thing is the ability to split your backup into pieces, for the purpose of storing them on DVDs, smaller USBs, and alike. It also offers scheduling, easy restoration of the files, and more.

  • Compresses backups into a single file

  • You control which components will be backed up

  • Easy to use

  • Intelligent backups for avoiding unused spaces

  • Scheduling options

  • Cloning hard drives

  • Supports four backup types

  • You can't pause backups

  • Missing some settings found in other backup programs

What is the backup software?

As the name suggests, the backup software is a program that you can use for making secure backups, and keep your data safe. There are many of them, all coming with different features, some of them being free, while others require a payment in order for you to use them.

Backup software is typically very easy to use, and depending on the one you choose — they can be fast, reliable, and safe. More importantly, you can be sure that your data will be safe in case your PC fails.

You might think that your PC is brand new, properly maintained, with strong, quality components. While that might be true, there are still many dangers that might strike at any time. Just think of massive, world-wide ransomware attacks that struck the world in 2017, and you will understand what we mean. If one of them were to infect your device and demand payment, you might never recover your files, even if you do pay.

This is why backups are extremely important, and why you should never take unnecessary risks when it comes to your most valued data.

Now, as mentioned earlier, there are many different backup programs and apps that you might choose from, and to help you decide, we have created a list of top five pieces of software that will make your life much easier in case the worst happens.



Keeping a backup of the data stored on your computer is extremely important, as you can lose all of it in an instant if something unfortunate happens. However, a lot of people simply does not do it, for various reasons. We recommend using it regularly, especially since it is so easy when you use backup software. No matter what kind of software you need — free or premium, you can find it easily, and ensure that your data is safe at all times.

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