The Best Server Backup for Businesses

Back your servers up regularly and keep your data safe with these great options.

Everything that you can and will do with your computer is based on data input. However, you must also ensure that the data will remain in place, useful, and complete. Even though Windows servers have grown to be much safer, stronger, and more resilient than they used to be — there is still no guarantee that they will not crash and take all of your important information with them.

Then, there are malware attacks, such as ransomware, which can lock all of your data up until you pay some extremely high sum. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will get your data back. It is best to prepare yourself for such instances by simply doing regular backups. That way, even if the worst comes to pass — you will still have all of your data safe and sound. The only thing left to decide is which backup software to use.

What does a good server backup software need to offer?

When it comes to choosing backup software, there are many options. Some of them are more or less expensive and offer more or fewer features. These are details that you should consider, but also their speed, trustworthiness, ease of use, compatibility, recovery options, and more.

To help you pick a good service, we have checked out many of them ourselves. However, for the sake of convenience, we also picked 5 solutions that we liked the most. Hopefully, one of them will be good enough to satisfy your needs, as well.

1. Carbonite

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Editors’ choice 2020

Carbonite offers excellent solutions for backup on multiple different platforms. It also features various plans for businesses, with the basic one being around $270 per year, in exchange for which you can support unlimited computers. Not only that, but it also provides you with additional 250GB of cloud storage.

Another option that Carbonite offers is its hybrid backup facility, which provides a physical data backup. By using Carbonite, you can back your entire system up and not have to worry about losing valuable data ever again. The service provides countless other features, such as user-friendly interface, automatic cloud storage, and also the ability to use external drives, hard disks, and even a web-based dashboard that you can access and use from anywhere.

  • Very cost-effective

  • Restore Wizard feature

  • Very capable, trusted firm

  • High-quality customer support

  • Professional plan for backing up servers

  • Offers only yearly plans

  • No free personal storage account

One of the favorite Backups

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2. Acronis Backup and Restore

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Next, we have Acronis Backup and Restore, which is a very popular backup software. Over 500,000 businesses around the world are using this solution for backing their server, which means that you can trust it as well. One great thing about it is that it offers a free version, so you can use it to test out the service before you switch to its premium plan. In addition, a premium plan for a single workstation costs only $69, which is a pretty good deal.

Acronis also offers customizable and dedicated tools for enterprises. It is pretty fast and efficient, and it features cloud storage solutions as well as a disaster recovery contingency plan. It is very user-friendly, it has additional security, and it has a web control panel.

  • Very easy to use

  • Offers backup for different data types

  • Backs up to many different sources, such as other servers, external drives, and alike

  • Customer support is not helpful

  • Backup failure error messages are too vague

3. AOMEI Backupper Server

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Then, there is AOMEI Backupper Server, which is a bit pricey, but quite capable of doing an excellent job when it comes to protecting your most important data. It approaches the problem by solving disk partition cloning, which is on top of its primary server protection and recovery.

With AOMEI, you can even backup virtual and physical servers without ever having to interrupt your running Windows. It comes packed with features, such as real-time file sync, backup software that uses three processes, event-triggered backups, as well as a purchase guarantee. It is an excellent solution that will undoubtedly serve you quite well.

  • Free upgrades

  • Very easy to use

  • Efficient

  • Packed with excellent features

  • Simple interface that allows personalization

  • Works only with Windows

  • No cloud management

  • A bit slower than the competition

4. NovaBACKUP Server

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Next, we have the NovaBACKUP Server, which makes Novastor quite proud of having. Their server data handling strategy is pretty good, which definitely gives them something to be proud of. All backup and recovery struggles can be upheld by in-house support, which is something that a lot of NovaBACKUP Server’s users are very pleased with.

Also, the service offers a lot of different features, such as over 130% better speed than its competitors, P2V support which can recover the entire system within minutes, as well as multi-threaded server protection. This is a new technology that allows write and read processes to overlap and save up time.

Then, there are local and online backups, as some users prefer to use cloud storage platforms to back up their servers. Finally, it offers a central monitoring feature, which makes it easy to check on the backup status from pretty much anywhere, which is quite convenient.

  • Very reliable

  • Fast backups

  • Informs you of success or failure

  • Very easy to do backup jobs

  • Copy function lets you re-create jobs for different servers

  • Not an image-based backup

  • Restoring files can be slow

  • Does not let you review the files once the backup is complete

5. Symantec (Veritas) Backup Exec

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Finally, we have Symantec, also known as Veritas Backup Exec, which is a tool that provides dedicated services for various businesses which aim to protect their entire Windows server by backing it up. You can test Symantec, thanks to its two-month-long free trial period, which should be long enough for you to determine whether or not it is a great service for you. Simply start the free trial, and back your entire server on the cloud.

The service is compatible with pretty much every Windows version used today, and it offers numerous different backup options, such as full backup, image backup, differential backup, and more. It also features excellent security, support for multiple languages, centralized administration, reporting, and management, and more.

  • Instant recovery

  • Regularly updated

  • Clean interface

  • Very stable backup solution

  • Allows emailing backup image and restoring the server

  • New versions not as user-friendly as old ones

  • Expensive


Losing your data is always a terrible thing, as it can set you back, rob you of valuable content or important business-related information, and much more. Preventing servers from crashing is not always possible, no matter how much effort you put into it. It is far more likely that you will protect your data by backing it up, which is the safest and also the easiest way to protect it.

If you do not know how to do it — do not worry, there are many server backup software options, as we have just seen. Simply choose a client and use its services to protect your information. It is quick, easy, and you can do it right now.