Best Antivirus Protection for Mac

Protect your Mac from harmful threats.

As threats to cybersecurity continue to escalate, computer users across the world are stepping up their game and upgrading their antivirus protection. Although Mac-focused viruses are less common compared to Windows, the operating system is not immune to attack. In fact, malware targeted at Mac users is just as devastating.

The best antivirus software will protect your computer and safeguard from ransomware, trojans, spyware, and other online threats. If you’re looking for the right antivirus for on your Mac, then you’ve come to the right place.  

In this guide, we look at some of the best Mac antivirus available today.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus

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Editors’ choice 2020

Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses you can run on your PC. The software has best-in-class security features including multi-layer protection, ransomware prevention, and adware removal. Bitdefender is fast and secure and will not affect your Mac’s performance.

We were particularly impressed by Bitdefender’s anti-phishing protection that detects and blocks malicious websites. This helps safeguard sensitive data such as your passwords and credit card info.  

In addition to antimalware protection, Bitdefender comes with an integrated VPN allowing you to protect your privacy when online. With the VPN you can also bypass geo-restrictions and access any content on the internet from anywhere in the world.

Bitdefender’s Mac software is simple to use and boasts an Autopilot feature regularly that makes smart security recommendations. The antivirus is reasonably priced and at $29.99 per years is one of the most affordable. However, expect the price to increase when you increase the number of devices and add VPN protection.

  • Fast scanning

  • Multi-level layer Protection

  • Eliminates adware

  • Premium VPN

  • 24/7 cloud-based protection

  • 30-day free trial

  • Limited features compared to some competitors

Top Choice For Security

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2. Kaspersky Internet Security

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Another fantastic antivirus for your Mac. Kaspersky Internet Security delivers premium protection against viruses and malware without slowing down your computer. The software has a clean user interface and is easy to navigate.

Kaspersky Internet Security is regularly updated with the latest virus definitions and effectively blocked everything we send its way. We found the software’s firewall shield to be quite useful when browsing the web. The feature actively detects and stops malicious websites and downloads.

Kaspersky also has excellent parental controls that will keep your kids safe when online. The preset internet filters are easy to enable and will block any website that doesn’t pass the criteria. The parental control feature also allows you to create a keyword list with specific words and phrases.  

At $59 Kaspersky isn’t the cheapest, but its supreme features make the price feel justified. If you are looking for a multi-year and multi-device option, expect the price to rise significantly.

  • Robust antimalware protection

  • Superb user interface

  • Low impact on performance

  • VPN protection

  • Great customer support

  • Free trial

  • Lacks password manager

3. Symantec Norton Security

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Symantec Norton is a supremely effective antivirus that you can use on all your Mac devices. The antivirus comes with a great antimalware detection engine and pulled 93% of all the malware we send its way. Norton is reliable, and its cloud integration offers 24/7 protection.

The antivirus performed admirably in all our tests, and we found its firewall protection to be extremely reliable. With Norton, you can selectively filter applications and automate your experience. Webcams are protected, and users get to enjoy robust online protection.

Norton has little to no impact on Mac performance and comes with a Power Eraser feature that detects and eradicates high-risk applications that may be residing on your computer. On the pricing front, Norton Security has some of the most affordable options you can find. Currently, the antivirus service provider has a 20% discount on its Norton Antivirus Plus plan

  • Fast malware detection

  • Smart firewall

  • Covers multiple devices

  • Secure VPN

  • Easy-to-use web portal

  • Free trial

  • Charges more after the first year

4. McAfee Antivirus Plus

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McAfee is a lightweight antivirus that offers all-around protection. Whether it’s a computer virus, spam, or malware, McAfee hunts them all down. It also protects against worms, Trojans, root-kits, and bots and repairs files without damaging contents.

McAfee Antivirus Plus is optimized for Macs, PCs, and smartphones ensuring you won’t share files that may damage your other devices. Scans are speedy, and the software displays regular notifications to keep you up to date with the health of your PC.

The software’s interface is quite appealing and makes navigation quite easy. User’s are afforded maximum control, and you can customize the drives, folders, and files to include in your scans.

McAfee is moderately priced, and there are four options to choose from. McAfee Antivirus Plus is the cheapest at $32.50. Other products you could opt for include McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection, and McAfee LiveSafe.

  • Excellent security features

  • High detection rates

  • Protects Macs and PCs

  • Lightweight

  • Speedy scanning

  • Slightly expensive

5. Intego Internet Security X9

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Intego Mac Internet Security X9 is another antivirus product that stands out from the crowd. The software automatically scans files and provides real-time malware protection keeping you covered 24/7. Like McAfee, Intego Mac X9 offers protection across It detects PC-based threats platforms and equally detects PC threat, so you don’t spread malware to other people.

Intego’s Netbarrier X9 is excellent and fights back against all forms of online privacy and security threats. The software is equipped with an intelligent firewall that stops uninvited users from accessing your Mac.

Netbarrier allows you to choose which devices to communicate with and which to block. The feature also stops connections to malicious domains and websites.

The application is well-designed, unobtrusive and straightforward to use. Intego does have some extra features including email and live support and protection up to 5 devices. Each additional device comes at an extra cost, but you can lower the price by opting for the cheaper 2-year pricing plan.

  • Real-time malware protection

  • Intelligent firewall

  • Protection for PC

  • User-friendly UI

  • Support for 5 devices

  • Free trial

  • Expensive 1-year plan

Why you need an antivirus for Mac

Antivirus for Mac can protect you against threats to your privacy and security. While threats to Mac remain remote, infections do occur. The internet is filled with harmful programs that monitor, record and sell personal information. And it’s not just your personal information that is at risk – your money too.

You don’t want to be caught off guard. With the right antivirus, you can secure your online shopping and banking from fraud and identity theft. An antivirus will also prevent unnecessary programs (bloatware) from installing in your Mac and slowing its performance.

Choosing the best antivirus

Remember, not all antivirus software is created equal. While they may function similarly, some work better than others. Make sure you select an option that not only meets your security needs but also has a robust Mac version. Some of the other factors you should consider are ease of use and the impact on computer performance.