The Best PC Cleaner

Clean and tune up your PC by using these top-quality options!

Choosing a PC Cleaner isn’t easy. There are a ton of them, and many of them just doesn’t work.

So how do you choose the right one?

We’ve taken a look at what the PC Cleaner market has to offer, and we have ranked the top good choices on our list below.

Factors that we looked at to determine which programs to select for our list:

  • Ease of use – Is it something that anyone can use, no matter their computer skills.
  • Performance – Does it work the way it’s intended to, and how does it affect computer performance.
  • Pricing – Is the product priced fair, and does the price match the features.
  • Community reviews – What does the community have to say about the product after trying it.

Our team set out to find the 10 best PC Cleaners, but we ended up with a list of only 7 that we can truly recommend.

Here are the Best PC Cleaners:

1. CleanMyPC

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Editors’ choice 2020

CleanMyPC is very effective PC cleaning service with an easy-to-use interface and high customer satisfaction. It can clean, repair, and optimize your computer registry, eliminate crashes and errors, and bring your PC back to running smoothly and effectively.

In addition, it offers utilities such as startup manager, uninstaller, computer cleaner, and more — all offered in a single program which is extremely easy to use. It even goes beyond that, however, and offers browser extensions manager, privacy cleaning, shredder, and more, in order to delete data in a secure fashion.

It is available in 19 different languages, including Chinese, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. It will definitely clean your system from top to bottom and make it as effective as possible.

  • Offers a FREE trial

  • Provides great PC cleaning features

  • Offers registry optimizer

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Offers browser extensions manager

  • Lacks a back-up tool

30-day money-back guarantee

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2. Avast Clean Up

Avast Clean Up comes from the well-known and trusted brand Avast. That alone means a lot when you are looking for a PC cleaner that is safe and works as it’s supposed to. 

The feedback of Avast Clean Up has been overwhelmingly good, so we are putting it on top of the list, even though it is a bit more expensive then some of it’s competitors.

Installing the system is quick and easy, and as soon as you are finished, the program will offer to perform a quick scan and list all of the issues it detects at once. You can, of course, skip it or choose to do the scan. If you choose to skip it and explore the program further, you will find different optimization tabs, such as free up space, maintenance, speed up, fix a problem, and more.

It is very well organized, and it allows you to precisely detect which part of the system needs intervention.

  • 25% discount right now

  • One-click system maintenance

  • Safe and trusted brand

  • Includes Speed Up module

  • Really easy interface

  • Statistics regarding the cleanup

  • Is a bit pricier than some of the competitors

3. Systweak Advanced System Optimizer

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Unlike other PC cleaners, this one actually does cover a wide range of performance issues. With this PC optimizer suite, you can check everything from your hard drive to your Windows registry to improve lengthen your computer lifespan.

If you need storage space, the app can search for junk files to delete. And if you want to examine all the data, Advanced System Optimizer organizes the stored data using Disk Explorer. We also commend this app for acknowledging video games: You can run them on sandbox mode to prevent any notifications.

Furthermore, this PC cleaner does way more than optimizing your computer. To keep a copy of your system files and valuable documents, the Systweak Advanced System Optimizer can create and store backups. And that’s the only thing: You can even attempt to recover files you already deleted.

You can download the app for free, but it’s definitely worth buying. The regular price is $69.95 a year but you can wait for promo periods where you can get a $20 discount along with a free app like the Systweak PhotoStudio v2.1. Systweak ensures secure payment transactions no matter the payment method.

Systweak offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is honestly impressive. This PC cleaner has no big setbacks, just minor issues with customer support. All in all, the Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is a top-notch PC cleaner any Windows user should check out.

4. CCleaner

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CCleaner is probably the best-known and most popular cleaning tool around the world. When you install it, it allows you to use desktop shortcuts, attach it to the recycling bin, start menu shortcuts and alike. It is a great tool for those who like clean desktops, as you don’t have to keep it up — simply right click on the bin and click Open CCleaner.

The app comes with a number of features, and you can customize it in any way you see fit. It is also completely free, and a very trustworthy tool. Just remember that cleaning up your Windows registry might be slightly risky, so when it asks you whether you want to save a backup or not, definitely click Yes.

Using the app is very easy too, and all you need to do is start it and hit the Run Cleaner button on the bottom right. The tool will do the rest, and you will definitely notice a difference in performance.

You can also choose to use its new CCleaner Professional version, which currently costs only $19.95, and it will bring an abundance of new features.

  • It has a free version

  • It comes with multiple features

  • It is trustworthy and popular

  • It does the job well

  • You have to pay for Professional version for advanced features

5. Glary Utilities Pro 5

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Budget choice 2020

Next, we have Glary Utilities Pro 5, which is another excellent PC tune-up and cleanup software. It offers a wide variety of solutions for PC maintenance and performance optimization. Those include services like registry cleaner, unwanted files cleaner, disk repair, startup manager, uninstall manager, and more.

However, while most other PC cleaners would stop at that, Glary Utilities Pro 5 also provides a large number of small, but useful, tools, as well as help in personalizing your system in accordance with your needs.

It also features shortcut fixers, which removes broken shortcuts; an empty folders finder, which deletes empty folders which take up space, as well as file splitters, file encrypters, and much, much more.

Now, one thing to note is that this is a premium service which costs $39.95 to obtain. After that, you only have to pay $12 per year to keep your subscription, which is more than affordable.

  • Numerous useful features dedicated to cleaning and optimizing your PC

  • Easy to use and understand

  • Affordable

  • 1-click maintenance

  • Protects you from malware

  • Watches over your PC performance and manages the running process

  • While affordable, you still have to pay for it

  • Does not improve web browsing speed

6. Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes is one of the best malware removers out there at the moment, and it is a perfect solution for everyone who thinks their PC might be infected. Considering the number of new malware that is appearing online pretty much every other day, chances are that you do have an infection or two, even if you might not know it.

A single full scan from updated Malwarebytes will take care of the problem for you. Obviously, Malwarebytes is not dedicated to cleaning junk files and restoring your PC to greater speeds like others on the list, but deep scans for different kinds of malware is just as important, or more, which is why Malwarebytes made the list as the best anti-malware software for cleaning PCs around.

It offers both, free and premium version, where the free version is a good choice for those who already have an antivirus program and simply wish a ‘second opinion.’ If you do not have an antivirus, you should definitely consider purchasing a premium version, as it can save you from a lot of trouble. Whichever version you choose to obtain, it is advisable to go for a full scan as soon as the program finishes the installation, and be sure that the software is up to date. After the initial scan, it should be enough to use it once a month, and maybe run quick scans once per week.

  • Highly effective against malware of all kinds

  • The best anti-malware software available

  • Offers different types of scans

  • It has a free version

  • An extremely high detection rate

  • Navigation and design are inferior to other programs

  • You need a Premium version for full protection

7. Advanced SystemCare

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Advanced SystemCare

Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate comes with a sleek interface design. It looks very professional, effective, and interesting. It also comes packed with a lot of features, although we are only interested in its ‘Registry Clean’ tool today.

You can also use it for startup optimization, registry defragmentation, junk file cleaning, shortcut fixes, disk optimization, disk scan, privacy sweep, spyware removal, and more.

It is easy to understand and use, which makes it great for those who are not particularly tech-savvy. The tool will make it easy for you to clean your Windows registry, and you will master it in no time. It also has a feature that will automatically restart or shut down your PC after the cleaning is done. In addition to that, it does automatic backups, too.

It may be a bit too expensive, to “just” use as a registry cleaner.

  • Cleans and optimizes your Windows registry

  • It can considerably speed up your computer

  • Some tests have uncovered that it did not pick up on all registry errors

What are PC cleaners?

PC cleaners are pieces of software that, as the name suggests, clean your PC. They do this by scanning your files, documents, and all other data on your PC, and remove the unnecessary things, leftovers that remained after using certain apps, programs, browsers and alike.

They are typically very easy to use, and for most of the time — you won’t even know they are there. However, simply having them installed and active on your device can save you a world of trouble, as they can increase your PC speed by keeping it clean and removing these temporary, junk files.

Junk files may come from just using your system, but they pile up much quicker when the internet is added to that equation. Further, these files might put your PC in additional danger if it turns out that they are harboring spyware, other types of malware, tracking cookies, and more.

This is known to happen when you often install and uninstall programs, apps, games, and alike. Your Windows registry gets filled with one entry after another, and a lot of files that get entered likely do not even exist anymore.

This can slow your device down and force it to deal with junk data, instead of focusing on what is important, which, in turn, affects its performance. You can try and delete it yourself, of course, but that will take time, as well as the knowledge required not to delete wrong things, or miss out on something that you should get rid of.

Now, of course, you can take your PC to a professional and have them clean it for you — but why waste time, money, and effort when you can simply download a cleaning tool and have a piece of software do this work for you? There are many different cleaners out there on the market, with some of them being free, while others being premium services. However, they can all help you keep your PC clean and safe, which will have a much positive impact on its performance, and likely even prolong its lifespan.

Are they necessary?

Short answer: Yes.
Ever since computers emerged and spread around the world, our lives have been changed drastically. Computer systems are now running everything, from major companies and factories to your own, personal PC.

Computers have become more than just useful tools for finding information or solving a problem — we have grown to enjoy using them at our free time, watch videos, play audio, surf the internet, play games, and more. Many of us are even working on a computer, and as we progress and continue with their development, it is likely that more and more people will start doing the same.

However, like every other machine, computers require regular maintenance. Otherwise, their performance will drop, until they eventually become useless. A large part of the issue is junk files that tend to pile up during usage. They slow down your speed and give your computer a large amount of unnecessary data that needs to be processed, which has a negative effect on your PC’s performance.

Luckily, you can fix this issue easily by using the best PC cleaner software out there, and continue enjoying your time on the computer for much longer, and with no issues to spoil your experience.


You can’t go wrong if you choose one of the 7 PC Cleaners and Registry Cleaners we have listed above.

Keeping your PC clean of junk and/or malicious files is extremely important for it to continue functioning as effectively as possible. This is something too complex for anyone to do on their own, which is why PC cleaners were invented.

There is a large number of them online, but the ones we talked about here are among the best ones, whether free or premium. Definitely consider getting one of them for your PC, and you will certainly notice a difference in performance.