Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Find the best cloud backup for your Mac by checking these top-quality options.

If you are a Mac user, you surely know how safe your devices are when compared to Windows. Windows users have it rough with all the malware, unstable software, and often bad-quality hardware. However, even Macs are known for suffering system failure or hardware malfunction, which might rob you of some very important data.

If your device ends up suffering fire or water damage, that data may be irretrievable. And, if you use your Mac for business purposes, that can be a major issue, as it can lead to a business disaster. It is very risky to rely simply on faith that your device and system will be fine. Instead, do the sensible thing and back your data up.

However, if you are worried about having to buy pricy hardware to do so — don’t be. There is a much easier, cheaper, and practical alternative — store it all on within cloud storage. The process is simple, and there are countless different options and services that can do it for you. To help you choose one, we have created a list of our top five favorites, so be sure to check them out and decide which one might be the best for you.

1. Backblaze

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The first on our list is Backblaze, which has been delivering an excellent, easy-to-use, cost-efficient backup services for years, now. The service focuses strongly on two things — good quality, and simplicity. A great thing about it is that it puts no limit on bandwidth or capacity. You also don’t have to search through multiple levels of service only to find what is your best option when using this service.

Backblaze features a single plan, with no limit on backup space per computer, and all you will have to pay is $60 per year($5 per month). However, you can subscribe to a two-year contract for reduced pricing. If you need cloud storage for your business, you will, hopefully, be using this service for many years to come. It’s absolutely one of the best, if not the best, cloud backup provider.

Using it is very easy and straightforward, with the program backing up all of your data, even if it is on USBs or external disks. As your individual files change, they will also be backed up, and you will be able to access them via your Mac or a mobile device at any time. It also has excellent security, so you can be sure that your files will always be safe.

  • Unlimited backup

  • Great prices

  • Simple, and easy to use

  • Available from a computer and mobile

  • No limit on bandwidth

  • Versioning limited to one month

30 days moneyback guarentee tested

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2. IDrive Small Business

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Then, there is IDrive Small Business, which is another excellent service that will meet all of your needs, at least when it comes to backups. While it does work with Mac, it also supports anything from Windows 2000 up, and it even supports Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows mobile.

It features decent-sized storage of 250GB, which may not be large enough for everyone, but it should satisfy the needs of many. However, it also features hybrid backup support, where some files are saved locally. In other words, it allows you to be more selective regarding what needs to be backed up within the cloud storage.

Once backed up, your data can be accessed via computers or mobile devices, and you can even share it via social networks or email. Backing up and restoring is quick and easy thanks to the IDrive Express feature, and the Business plan lets you have three free backups every year.

  • No limit on the number of devices

  • Backing up and restoring is quick and simple

  • Syncing and easy sharing

  • File versioning

  • Good prices

  • No 2FA

  • Limited storage

3. CrashPlan Pro

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Next, there is CrashPlan Pro, which aims to satisfy the needs of its clients, whether their focus is on price or functionality. The service offers rather low prices, but it does not exactly cut back when it comes to features, options, and controls. Some of them are quite unique, and you are unlikely to find them elsewhere.

Like our previous entry, this one also works with Mac and Windows like. It offers unlimited storage space, as well as unlimited versioning, and you can easily find all of your documents by searching them by date, version, or time, which is one of the features that make this product more than attractive by itself.

You can customize it any way you like, and there are numerous options when it comes to backups, such as the ability to schedule them or make backing up a continuous process. It is also highly secure, and highly reliable, and it grants you a lot of control regarding what is getting backed up, where, when, and alike.

  • Great level of control

  • Numerous features

  • Excellent prices

  • High level of customization

  • No limit on storage

  • Unlimited versioning

  • No file explorer integration

  • No Home product

4. CloudBerry Backup

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When it comes to CloudBerry Backup, it is a different service, that does not offer any actual storage. This might be surprising to most, but CloudBerry actually comes as an alternative solution — one that provides you with backup software that you only pay once. After that, it offers pretty flexible subscriptions to numerous other storage providers.

Another thing to note is that CloudBerry is not exactly designed for beginners. Instead, it is a solution aimed at professionals who know their way around cloud solutions. In order to set it up, you need to choose a storage provider and set it up manually. It has a long list of options when it comes to configuration, including which folders are going to be back.

While this might intimidate a lot of users, as you need to know what you are doing, and do most things yourself — it provides a massive level of control, which will certainly intrigue professionals. It also features excellent security, including 256-bit AES encryption, with private keys.

  • Great toolset

  • Restore images

  • Ultimate control

  • Countless configuration options

  • Does not have its own storage

  • Not for casual users

  • Not for casual users

5. SpiderOak ONE

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Finally, we have SpiderOak ONE, which sees security and privacy as the largest priority. The service is so security-focused that it even publishes general security articles on its own blog. However, when it comes to its app, it features a clean interface that is very easy to use. It is an excellent option for novices and less advanced users who seek better privacy.

The app itself is full of information which you can reach by clicking on the ‘manage’ tab. This is where you can track all files stored on the company’s servers. It is also a great way to quickly link and recover files.

One thing to note is that the price depends on the amount of storage you require, and smaller storages will be cheaper, but also more restrictive. They are also unlikely to be large enough if you need to back up your entire Mac. But, it is very secure, very user-friendly, and completely pre-configured, so you can start using it immediately.

  • Very strong focus on privacy and security

  • Zero-knowledge provider

  • Allows a lot of control to advanced users

  • Excellent for new users

  • A bit more expensive option

  • File syncing can be slow

  • Headquartered in the US


Using a computer, whether for your business, hobby, or other types of activities, comes with great benefits. Everything is easier, faster, and you have numerous options no matter what you need it for. However, it also comes with a high risk of your device suffering software malfunction, hardware failure, or even damage.

While Mac is typically believed to be a more secure version, with stable software and good quality hardware, it is not completely immune to all the dangers, which is why you should make sure that your content is regularly backed. The best way to do it is to back your data on the cloud service.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to choosing the best cloud service for doing regular backups. These services may differ when it comes to the number of features, the price of storage space, or other details — but they will surely finish the job and do you a great service by keeping the data from your Mac safe.