The Best Cloud Storage Solutions Out There

It may seem mystical, but cloud storage is basically just an online hard drive. Your papers are saved on the “cloud” instead of being stored on your computer or a USB device.

The benefits of this method are numerous:

  • Thanks to the cloud service, you may access files on all of your devices, even your phone.
  • You may share larger files than email can handle – great for videos in particular – by sending a link to friends, relatives, or co-workers so that they can view specific files or folders without having to attach them to an email.
  • It eliminates the problem of running out of space or losing information because the provider (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Dropbox, etc.) is responsible for keeping your files safe and secure.

There are various cloud storage options out there, and not all offer the same level of security. 

In this article, we’ve put in the time and effort to look through all of the available cloud storage providers and have come up with a list of the best cloud backup providers.

All-Around Great Storage Solutions through Google Drive

A Google account gives you 15 GB of free storage in Google Drive. Documents, images, movies, and anything else you wish to keep secure may be backed up using this method.

Its simple interface makes for effortless mastery and integration. This is not to suggest that Drive lacks essential capabilities; for example, you can share links to folders while allowing the receiver to decide the amount of access, and you can view a file even if it’s open on another computer.

Thanks to Drive’s seamless integration, you can use Google’s free office programs in your web browser or via mobile apps on your phone or tablet.

If 15GB of storage is not enough, you may upgrade to Google One for an additional fee. With Google One, you can start at 100GB of storage, and up to five members of a family can use the service at the same time.

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows and Office Users

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an online storage service effortlessly integrated into Windows 10. 5GB of free storage isn’t much, but it’s comparable to many other providers.

Features include automated photo backups, enhanced search capabilities, mobile and web access to OneDrive, and the Files On-Demand settings that allow keeping files purely online rather than taking up space on your phone or tablet.

OneDrive is a no-brainer whether you’re already using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office or want to do so soon.

PCloud for Stability and Lifetime Pricing

The Swiss corporation is unwavering in its approach when keeping your data safe, secure, and accessible across all of your devices.

Uploaded files may be as large as your storage space permits, and data can be reverted within 30 days, thanks to versioning.

PCloud is a reliable, quick, and secure cloud storage solution. It’s a terrific deal, given the low one-time and high lifetime value.

Mega for End-To-End Encryption

Security is Mega’s primary selling feature, with end-to-end encryption safeguarding your data even as they travel between your device and Mega’s servers. 

It uses a password and encryption, which means that even Mega can’t access your data. However, this may be a hassle as you cannot access your encrypted files should you forget your password.

Using Chrome or Firefox, you can get extensions with secure chat to easily exchange large files. This service is quick, simple to use, and reasonably priced if you need to store a large amount of data in the cloud.


The right cloud storage solution can make all the difference when trying to save, share, and protect your precious memories and important documents. You can choose any of these options depending on what platform you prefer to work on and which service offers you the best price.

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