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Convert any eBook file to any of your favorite formats and remove DRM restrictions

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EBooks are convenient for multiple reasons. For one, you can have hundreds of them in your laptop or e-reader device instead of carrying a single hardbound book. Plus, you can change the level of brightness or zoom in on a page with ease. Simply put, eBooks make it easier for everyone to enjoy reading.

But what if you’re unable to read the eBooks because they are in a wrong format for your device? You see, there are a variety of formats for eBooks such as Mobi, PDF, EPUB and many more. If your device or reading software doesn’t support these, you won’t be able to read all books.

So here’s the good news: There are programs designed to convert eBooks to the format you prefer. This means that you can have a TXT or PRC document and change its format to AZW3. One such software is Epubor Ultimate, which is not only an eBook converter but also a DRM remover.

Below, we’ll evaluate the cost and assess the usefulness of its features. Check out our detailed review below.


Epubor Ultimate Pricing

Windows Pricing Plans: There are two categories here: Windows and Mac. Let’s start with the former. The actual, full price for a one-year license is $59.99, which may raise a few eyebrows among potential buyers. But here’s the good thing: It’s currently been reduced by a significant margin. How low? It’s now down to just $24.99 a year.

To put things into context, other digital programs or services can set you back more. For example, Grammarly Grammar Checker is free. But if you want the premium version, you’ll need $11.66 a month. That’s $139.92 a year. Similarly, the cheapest Adobe Creative Cloud plan is already at $119.88 each year.

Thus, $24.99 for a one-year license is far from being a bad deal. What’s even better is the lifetime license priced at $49.99. It’s arguably the best deal here if you’re set on using Epubor Ultimate. Not to mention, the lifetime license covers any future versions of the software as well.

If you’re looking to use the eBook converter on more than one computer, go for Family License. It’s just $99.99 yet is already good for up to five PCs. If you’re managing a company and need to provide licenses to multiple employees, that’s no problem either. You can request a quote to get the best deal from them.

Mac Pricing Plans: The options are the same for Mac users: one-year license, lifetime license, and family license. Likewise, you can ask for enterprise rates. But what’s different is the actual cost. The one-year license has a full price of $65.99 — six dollars more than its Windows counterpart. Thankfully, it’s now just at $29.99.

The slight increase is also apparent for the two other options. The lifetime license is $54.99 while the family license goes for $109.99. That’s a full $10 more than the Windows version.

But one shouldn’t see this as an unreasonable rate. After all, Apple is known to charge some developers and companies a lot before allowing services to be used on their devices, such as in the case with Spotify.

Free Trial: You can use the software for free for 30 days, which is long enough to test both the conversion and DRM removal features.

Payment Methods: Whether you’re getting Epubor Ultimate for your PC or Mac, the payment methods remain the same:

– Visa
– MasterCard
– American Express
– Discover
– PayPal

You can also try more methods such as wire transfer, Diners Club, SOFORT Banking, Alipay, GiroPay, WebMoney, and UnionPay, among others. The cost is converted to your country’s currency upon checkout. So if you’re in Canada, the price will be shown in CAD while those in Japan will see it in JPY.

License Transfer: Do you have to pay for a new license if you replaced your old computer? No. You can just de-register Epubor Ultimate from your old PC or Mac, then install it again on your new computer. You’ll get your license once again at no additional cost.


The company behind Epubor, Wuhan Jindu Technology Co., Ltd. provides reliable security measures. They use 2Checkout, one of the largest online payment platforms – which ensures that you can safely buy Epubor, as it follows 2Checkouts rules on privacy and security.

With 2Checkout, it’s difficult for ill-intentioned individuals to commit fraud or for anyone else to steal personal information during online transactions. And as for the software itself, we can assure you that it has no virus or malware whatsoever — it’s a completely clean installation.


Additional Features

Well-Designed Interface: Epubor Ultimate already looked good enough in its earliest iterations, but the recent update last July 1 ensured that even users with vision loss can navigate the app with relative ease.

Automatic Detection: Efficiency is always a good thing no matter the app or device. When you connect your Kindle Paperwhite reader or open the Kobo app, for example, you don’t have to do anything for Epubor Ultimate to notice it. The app will instantly show all the eBooks in the device or app.

Metadata Modification: As is the case with digital files, there are times when the information isn’t accurate. Perhaps the book title is missing a letter, or you prefer another cover. With this app, you can change these things in seconds. Just place the book into the interface and begin editing the metadata.

DRM Removal: This feature was a separate software altogether. Now, it’s part of Epubor Ultimate. As the name implies, this allows users to get rid of DRM, which prevents eBooks from being read on any device or app that supports their format. If you don’t like being restricted to a device, you’ll need this around.

Drag-and-Drop Conversion: There’s no need to watch any video tutorial to learn how to convert eBooks using this app. Simply drag the eBooks displayed on the left section to the right, then pick your desired output format. You can choose among AZW3, EPUB, Mobi, TXT, and PDF. After that, just click Convert.

Time-Saving Group Conversion: With Epubor Ultimate, you don’t need to drag and drop eBooks one at a time. You can simply select multiple books and convert them all at the same time.

Customer Support

Perhaps one of the best aspects here is the sheer number of support services. First, you have the usual live chat feature for answering concerns on purchases, bugs, licenses, software upgrades, and anything else about Epubor Ultimate.

Speaking of upgrades, the official website has a dedicated page for the software upgrade policy. You can check not only the upgrade methods here but also the most recent versions of all Epubor apps on a list, which is helpful since there are different links for the Windows and Mac versions of Epubor Ultimate.

Furthermore, the company ensures that you don’t have to rely only on the live chat. How? There’s also a comprehensive how-to guide online — and there 27 pages of it covering over 500 articles. Combine this with the well-written and visual-aided FAQ section, and you’ve got a ton of helpful free content.

Other than the how-to and FAQ sections, there’s a resource page. This is where you can find numerous list-based articles. Are you looking for manga websites or even audiobook software? You’ll find those here. The page also serves as a how-to section for other software designed for digital books.

And lastly, the live chat feature is accompanied by other options. You can send a ticket at any time and day. If you’d like to talk to the technical staff, you can do so by getting the Skype ID. As for the customer support team, they are available through email and will respond to you within 24 hours.

Money-Back Guarantee


If you don’t like the software, you can ask for a full refund. You can avail of this if you purchased Epubor Ultimate within the last 30 days, which is pretty standard in the industry. The process is simple. First, go to the settings of the software and de-register it. Then you can send an email to the customer service.

Some companies don’t like to handle refunds well, which is why it’s commendable that a reply from the support is more or less guaranteed within 24 hours here.


While we said earlier that Epubor Ultimate is compatible with Windows and Mac, not all versions of these operating systems will work. The software can’t support a Windows OS that’s older than Windows XP. Thankfully, it’s going to be very rare for someone to still have such an old OS, so this is barely a con.

For Mac users, however, they need a relatively recent OS. Epubor Ultimate will only work if your Mac OS is at least the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. So while the software works with a Windows OS from 2001, it will only do the same with a Mac OS released from at least 2012.

If you’re a Linux or Ubuntu user, you have to look elsewhere. Let’s move forward to the compatible eBook readers and eBook reading apps. If you have a Kobo, Nook, Amazon Kindle or any other popular reading device, the software will detect it once you connect it to your Windows or Mac computer.

Similarly, Epubor Ultimate is compatible with the Windows version of the Kindle App, Adobe Digital Edition, Nook App, and the Kobo App.

Mac users can expect the same support for the Mac versions of all these apps, except for the Nook. Then again, Barnes & Noble has stopped providing updates for its Nook App on both Windows and Mac, so it may be a good idea to uninstall these in the first place.

As for the eBooks themselves, you can get them from all sorts of platforms. The software will detect the eBook whether you bought it on Google Play, Sony, Amazon Kindle, or even Fictionwise from Barnes & Noble.

Is Epubor safe to use?

It is perfectly legal to convert your own eBooks to any format you wish.
Epubor also uses safe payments via 2Checkout. Lastly we have scanned the software and found no issues.

Epubor is safe to use in all aspects.


An eBook converter is a worthwhile software to have, especially if you’re shifting from paper to digital. With it, you don’t have to worry about buying at the same online store all the time or checking if the eBook is in the format your reading app supports. Just change the format whenever you prefer.

Does Epubor Ultimate justify its price? Yes. Its Windows and Mac licenses are quite affordable. When you consider its clean interface, fast conversion rate, the DRM removal feature, and the sheer number of file formats it supports, getting the lifetime license becomes a no-brainer at its current price.

This software does what it says it will, and the customer support is excellent. There are multiple ways to ask for help. Plus, you won’t easily find FAQ and how-to sections that are as comprehensive as the ones here. Overall, this software sets the standard for how an eBook converter should look and function.

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