Review: Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows

Computers and other digital devices form an indispensable part of everyone’s life. Also, data stored on them have expanded exponentially over the years. So, almost everything—from pictures, videos, audio, documents, and others—is now stored in the digital format. This digital transformation has made data, the new oil, i.e., an essential commodity all over the world.

Data, being so valuable, needs protection from its loss against accidental deletion, virus attack, system crash, hardware failure, natural disaster, etc. The critical question here is, how can you protect our valuable data from so many unforeseen events?

The obvious answer that comes to mind is creating a backup of data, either on a physical hard drive or on Cloud. Having a backup allows you to access your data, even if you lose it from the primary device. But, on many occasions, you don’t create a backup. Also, if you have a backup, then there is a chance that you might lose the backup device itself due to damage or loss.

The next question is, how can you safeguard data against any logical data loss circumstances? The answer is a Data Recovery Software.

A data recovery software works by scanning through your storage media for lost/deleted files and then recovering them to your desired location. Data recovery is possible because data deleted from a storage medium (HDD, SSD, USB drive, CD, DVD, etc.) isn’t removed permanently. It just disappears from immediate view, and the space wherein the files existed are allocated as free. A data recovery software looks for those lost/deleted files and recovers them to a distinct drive.

A reliable data recovery software for PC is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows. It is suited for both individuals and businesses and is adept in recovering data lost due to any logical reasons. Here, you’ll learn the software’s attributes and understand why it is an indispensable tool for recovering your lost or deleted data.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows

A professional DIY software, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows, recovers all kinds of data including files, folders, documents, images, videos, and emails from all types of storage media such as hard drive, solid-state drive, memory card, CD, DVD, and USB flash drive.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows works in three easy steps: Select, Scan, and Recover. The software first scans the selected storage device to trace the lost data and then restores it to the desired location. Let’s look at the different attributes of the software

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows supports more than 300 file types such as docx, pptx, mp3, etc. You also get the choice to add a custom file type if it isn’t present in the list.

stellar data recovery
Image 1: Select the items you wish to recover

You can lose your data for various reasons such as accidental deletion, disk corruption, system crashes, partition loss, etc. The software works in all such logical data loss scenarios.

Are you looking to recover that important email that got deleted from your system? Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows can trace and recover all your deleted email files from Microsoft Outlook (PST), Outlook Express (DBX), Exchange Server (EDB), Lotus Notes (NSF), and other email services.

Has your Windows crashed, and you cannot access your data because the computer won’t start? Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows can even recover data from an unbootable PC.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows can create an image of the hard disk and its local partitions and can proceed to recover your data from the image file.

The preview feature in the software allows you to view the deleted/lost files before you restore them. This feature helps you locate the desired files quicker.

Stellar data recovery 2
Image 2: Preview of the scanned file

Sometimes the partitions go missing in a corrupt hard drive. With Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows, you can view and recover your data from these lost partitions as well.

The tool offers a comprehensive scan feature to locate files that are hard to find. You can also scan many file systems at the same time.

In addition to data recovery, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows helps you track your hard drive’s health. It also sends you an early warning whether the hard drive is about to crash.

You can use the tool to create a replica of your hard disk. This way, your data remains protected, even if the storage device fails.

Data is precious, and you need a reliable data recovery software to recover your valuable data from any mishap. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is an efficient ally for all your data recovery needs. It is a DIY product, doesn’t take much space on your drive, and is easy to deploy. The software can recover all your digital assets, such as pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc. Try the software from here.