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Whether you are a business owner, or simply someone looking to get their message across, you might find that using social media is not good enough for your needs. It is all too easy for your content to get lost in the sea of other posts, and you have little to no control over algorithms, the design, and alike.

The solution lies in having your own website, which has grown to be one of the major necessities for anyone who wishes to gain exposure. Your clients or followers will need a place dedicated to what you have to offer, without distractions and bombardment with other types of content on the sides.

However, we understand that you may be intimidated by the idea of creating your own site. We have been listening about how difficult it is for ages. But, the technology advances quickly, and things are not as they used to be, anymore. These days, you can use simple, but efficient website builders to make your own design, and create a place where your content and business can grow. If you are interested, check out these five options we have found, and start creating your own site today.


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First and foremost, we have You have probably already heard about it, which speaks volumes of its popularity and usefulness. Wordpress offers a lot in terms of website building, hosting, as well as blogging. Best of all it does that at very low prices, and there is even a free option.

WordPress has grown a lot since it started out as a pure blogging play, and those humble beginnings are still visible today, after all of its success. It can currently handle pretty much anything you need when it comes to website building, including social integrations, commerce, and even mobile presentation. It is not really as simple as What You See Is What You Get or drag-and-drop — it is a bit more complex than that. However, many have found that it is quite easy to learn how to use it, and you will too.

We should mention that there is a difference between WordPress and, with the latter being a service that uses’s code. However, it will serve you just as well, at only $4 per month, in exchange for which you get a custom domain name, a selection of themes, 6GB-large storage, and access to support, with no WordPress ads, and only some WordPress branding.

  • Very affordable

  • Multiple great options and features

  • Great design themes

  • Free version

  • You can transfer sites

  • Draft saving

  • The ability to schedule posts

  • No tech support

  • No photo editing

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2. Gator Website Builder

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Next, we have Gator Website Builder, a set of building tools offered by HostGator. However, one great thing about it is that you do not actually need a HostGator hosting account in order to use it, as Gator Website Builder acts as a separate service.

The service is quite impressive and user-friendly, which came as a surprise, considering that this is HostGator’s first attempt to create a site builder. It is also very affordable, with its plans including unlimited storage and bandwidth, a domain name registration, as well as an SSL certificate — all for $3.84 per month. Of course, this is only a Starter plan, with a two-year commitment.

However, you can choose a month-to-month option, which will cost around $4.99. Then, there is a Premium plan, which you can get for $5.99 per month if you go for the two-year commitment, or $6.49 per month if you wish to choose monthly commitment. There is also an eCommerce plan, with $9.22 per month for two years, or $12.49 per month with no commitment. It has no free option, but these rates are still very affordable and attractive, and you will get an abundance of features in return.

  • Great design

  • Clear interface

  • Yearly plans come with a domain name and SSL certificate

  • Easy to use

  • Great, modern templates

  • Affordable prices

  • Lacks free version

  • No email marketing

  • No photo editing or post scheduling

3. Squarespace

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Then, we have Squarespace, which is one of the website builders with a lot of users, and even more hype about it. It comes with loads of integrations, capabilities, features, and options. Every site that gets built on it gets a free SSL, as well as domain registration. It is a bit more complex than some other options, but it creates the best-looking websites, and with some pretty good prices.

The prices are not the lowest, and there is no long-term free account option, as some other services might provide. However, it has a two-week free trial, although your website will not go live until you pay for an account. You can choose several options, such as the annual subscription at $12 per month for Professional level, or Advanced Commerce plan which will cost you $40 per month. There are also two plans in between — a business plan that costs $18 per month, and the Basic Online Store that comes at $26 per month. Each plan comes with different features, which you can inspect on Squarespace’s website, but they do offer quite a lot.

Also, it should be mentioned that the prices include website hosting and a free year of domain registration.

  • Very responsive design

  • Various plans, in accordance with your needs

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Great analytics tools

  • Numerous features

  • A bit more complex and less straightforward

  • Templates are more restrictive and fewer than what competition offers

  • No free option

  • No 3rd-party widgets

4. Wix

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Nearing the end of our list, we have Wix. Wix is an excellent option for those who wish to get their website online with a minimum amount of effort, or technical knowledge. If you have lots of creative ideas — this is likely the best option for you.

Wix offers an incredibly slick, intuitive, and powerful interface. It also comes with a massive amount of features, including online storage, the ability to create great video backgrounds, animate your titles, and more. It offers a free account, numerous third-party widgets, and excellent features for commerce and blogging alike. Not only that, but it also lets you create your own dynamic web apps.

It is extremely easy to get started too, and all you need to provide is an email address. You can upgrade to a premium account to get a custom URL, zero promotions, a web store, and more, and it will only cost you from $5 to $25 per month, depending on what you need.

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Countless gadgets

  • Free version

  • Hundreds of templates

  • Excellent support

  • No statistics feature

  • Websites do not use responsive design in a strict sense

5. Jimdo

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Finally, there is Jimdo — a bit quirky but designed mostly for novices. However, it is more than worthy of a mention, as it offers a free plan — which comes with some of the usual limitations, such as 500MB storage, no custom domain, and alike — as well as three premium plans. You can get Jimdo PRO for £5 per month, Jimdo BUSINESS for £15 per month, or Jimdo Platinum for £25 per month.

It is simple to use and consistent, although its design is a bit unconventional. Its only major flaw is that it does not have as many features as some rivals, but it still offers a certain amount of widgets and templates. Not as many as you might find at Wix, but they are there. It also offers a great web knowledgebase, which is good if you run into issues that you cannot solve by yourself.

  • Offers free version with unexpected extra options

  • Excellent tech support

  • Great features

  • Affordable prices for premium plans

  • Fewer features than some of its rivals


As you can see, there are numerous great options that will let you build your website with ease. These options offer tons of features which will make the process fast, easy, and provide you with a great result. Help your business grow a lot faster, and allow your message to reach others with more ease by creating your own website today. There are many options to choose from, so take your pick and get started.